Any teacher will tell you that a given classroom will play host to a whole range of students, and each one learns at their own pace. And this is where some students run into trouble if they do not learn at the same pace as the crowd.

Our one-on-one tutoring sessions will give your child valuable time with a certified instructor. And it is amazing how quickly children benefit from this type of learning; you will see results int their attitude towards school work and improvements in their grades almost instantly.

One of the most beneficial ways to learn is from your peers. We place an extremely high value on the insights that students can help provide to those their own age, and sometimes to those a year or two older or younger than them.

We arrange group study sessions for children in similar age groups that are learning the same topic, and foster the community learning process. We also arrange for special field trips and outings to help bring these lessons to life.

An outstanding aspect of our program is the student to student learning option. Many of the children that joing TLC when they are in elementary school stick around until they graduate high school.

While they are still students hear benefitting from our enrichment programs, they also give back to the community by volunteering their time and working with younger children in the basic programs, and often leading the group study sessions.

TLC has always prided itself on being forward thinking in the world of education. As such, we are proud to say that we have been utilizing interactive and online E-Learning programs for a few years now. The are countless benefits to this; it not only improves the small motor skills of children, but the E-Learning tools are available to students anywhere, they only need access to a computer.

And for those students that do not have readily available access to a computer, our facility is equipped with age-specific computer labs so they will also have the opportunity to use them.

Monica's Story

Monica always enjoyed going to school. She liked her classmates, loved her teachers, and really enjoyed learning. That was until she reached the 4th grade, when she began to struggle to keep up with her classmates. It did not take long for Monica's love of school to fall victim to her frustrations. She often complained of stomach aches and tried to avoid going to school.

Her mom decided to bring her to TLC to try to renew her love of school. At first, Monica was very upset that her mom thought she needed tutor. But, within two weeks of beginning her program, Monica started to get excited about learning again. She stopped having stomach aches, and looked forward to both school and her time at TLC.

Her grades improved, and when the next school year came around, her teachers asked her mom to place her in the talented and gifted program. And that was 4 years ago.

Now, Monica is high school student that volunteers her time at TLC working with children who face similar struggles as herself. In addition, she learned how to play violin through our enrichment programs, and will be visiting France as an exchange student next year after learning taking extra courses in the French language.

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If experience has taught us anything, it's that children not only learn differently, but there are different stages in their life when it is easier to identify with and learn specific subjects.

In light of that, we not only offer tailor-made curriculums for your child, but we'll target their strengths at the right time with schedules that keep in line with their school work based on their age and grade.

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