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Cicely Ames' yarn paintings are some of the most intricate and inspiring pieces of fiber art being made today, and we can't contain ourselves whenever the topic of her work comes up.

Which is why we are tickled pink that the Local 20 Gallery in Miami has decided to do a showing of some of her Peruvian inspired yarn paintings.

The showing will be brief, only lasting for 5 days, so if you are anywhere near the Miami area, make plans to attend. But if you're not near Miami, fear not. We will have full coverage and report.

And if you live somewhere in the near vicinity, it might be worth your while to take a weekend trip, as the exhibit will be bookended by a photo exhibit of M. Shellberg.


Fiber painting

The wildly successful market on textiles and fiber arts held last year in San Francisco will be hosted in the Windy City in 2012.

The details are still being sorted, but it might be a good idea to book travel and hotel for the event now. In its inaugural year, the market hosted almost 150,000 people--well over the anticipated 50,000 people.

Grant Park will host and display the vast amount of artists, vendors and attendees. Musical guests will also perform, as well as a number of Chicago's finest restaurants will hold booths for people during the event.

Seven days of lectures, workshops, speeches and demonstrations are being planned. Many of the world's brightest and most influential fiber artists will be in attendance. An eco-friendly competition will also be held.

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There has been a lot of buzz around here about Anderson Richards exhibit being showcased at the Sofitte Gallery in Chicago. Anderson has been an enthusiastic member of our community for some time, and his work has always inspired and surprised all of us. His love for textiles as both a medium and inspiration helps to shed light on the world of Fiber Arts, and bridges the gap between art and craft.

Richards collection of over-sized quilted and stuffed pieces greeted the art world this past weekend, as Marsha Simmons of Sofitte Gallery opened his exhibit, which will run for the next eight weeks.

Richards began making his large, soft sculptures when he was working with a children's theatre in Baltimore, Maryland. For one of the plays, he needed to create an oversized but lovable and hugable monster. From that need, Ertle was born, and he quickly became a favorite amonng the children and parents alike. He was asked to make many guest appearances at birthday parties and community events.

As his work gained popularity locally, Anderson decided to start venturing further into the world of soft sculptures. He created a series of sea creatures that went on display at the Visionary Art Museum in Charm City. It was during this exhibit that Andrews work was featured on a national stage during one of ArtTv's "City Tour" episodes.

His technique and skill have developed into an edgy and playful aesthetic that almost any adult can enjoy and admire the complexity of. The Sofitte Gallery is quickly emerging as one of the premiere galleries in the United States for Fiber Artists, and we are thrilled to see Anderson Richards added to the ranks.